Licensed Court Interpreters

How to Renew your License with the Judicial Branch Certification Commission


1. Submit a completed Application for Renewal to the JBCC. If this is your first renewal under the JBCC, refer to the JBCC website for information on required fingerprinting.

2. Complete 8 hours of CE including 2 hours in Ethics and submit copies of CE documentation for completed CE programs to JBCC.

3. Pay all required fees ($50 for timely renewals, $75 for up to 90 days overdue and $100 for over 91 days to 1 year overdue). 


If you have any questions, contact JBCC.  Here is their contact information:
Judicial Branch Certification Commission

Phone: 512-475-4368

Fax: 512-463-1117

Email:  CourtInterpreters@TxCourts.gov  

(Email is the preferred method, per JBCC.)

Address: PO Box 12066

Austin, TX  78711-2066

This page was revised 6/14/2016

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