Nominations (November 2019)

These are the nominations for the November 2019 TAJIT Board of Director's elections. Voting begins November 11, 2019 and will close on November 25, 2019.

Kristin Lund (no photo available) is Certified (DARS-DHSS, CDI) Deaf Interpreter with over 33 years of professional experience, at least 25 of which have been in the legal system.  She is currently employed as a Senior Staff Deaf Interpreter for the Travis County Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, where she was previously the Deaf Legal Services Coordinator, and also serves on the Board of the Austin Association of the Deaf as a Member-at-Large. Ms. Lund has extensive experience volunteering for professional associations and has won many awards for her service. She has also worked with various organizations and agencies to effect a system change for accessibility by the Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard of Hearing community. If elected, she will be instrumental in building strong ties between spoken and sign language interpreters throughout the state, creating greater awareness and making TAJIT more responsive to the SL interpreters community. In addition to being a TAJIT member, she is currently an active member of RID, NAD, TSID, TAD, TDA, and AAD.

Lorena Devlyn (photo below) is a federally-certified English<>Spanish interpreter, Master Licensed Court Interpreter for the State of Texas, and a New Mexico Certified Court Interpreter. Currently a staff interpreter for the U.S. District Courts in Las Cruces, New Mexico, her past work experience includes 4 years of freelance work and 2 years as a staff interpreter with the Travis County Criminal Courts, in Austin, Texas. Ms. Devlyn has previously served on the TAJIT Board, where she learned about the association’s strengths and weaknesses and the changes that are needed to continue to grow in a positive direction, serving the members’ best interest and helping to develop future interpreters in Texas. If elected, Ms. Devlyn’s focus will be on strengthening TAJIT’s relationship with other interpreter and translator associations beyond Central Texas. Living in Las Cruces, New Mexico, a few miles from the Texas border, puts her in a unique position to promote TAJIT in West Texas and collaborate with other organizations, such as the El Paso Interpreters and Translators Association (EPITA.) In addition to being a TAJIT member, she is currently an active member of AATIA, ATA, and NAJIT.

Diana Triana (photo below) is a Master Licensed Court Interpreter for the State of Texas and native Spanish speaker. She is currently a freelance English <> Spanish translator and interpreter in Travis and surrounding counties, with vast experience in criminal, civil, municipal, community courts, immigration court, as well as conference interpreting. She is passionate about interpreting and believes in giving back to a profession that has had such a positive impact on her life, providing her not only an income but an extended family of people who share her passion and commitment. If elected, Ms. Triana will be working towards the growth of the association through increased membership and furthering the profession by strengthening the programs offered by the association.  In addition to being a TAJIT member, she is also an active member of AATIA, and NAJIT.

Wamid Shalan (photo below) is an English<>Arabic interpreter, owner of a small consulting business providing services for companies and organizations that operate in the Middle East, including language and cultural advisory services. Mr. Shalan brings his excellent interpersonal relations skills to the TAJIT board, which he believes will help the association build up its member base among interpreters from a host of different cultural backgrounds, particularly those from the Middle Eastern communities in Texas. He considers himself a team member, and among the skills he can contribute to the board are time management and IT expertise. In addition to being an active TAJIT member, Mr. Shalan is also an active member of AATIA.

Sandra Dejeux (photo below) is a Spanish Master Licensed Court Interpreter for the State of Texas and a Certified Healthcare Interpreter (CCHI), with ample experience as both an in-house and freelance interpreter and translator as well as volunteering for medical and legal interpreters’ associations in different capacities. Her work experience includes the Texas municipal, county and district courts, and immigration court. Ms. Dejeux is also an instructor for the Legal Interpreters Certificate Program at the University of Texas at Austin’s Center for Professional Education.  She characterizes herself as highly motivated and hard-working. Her two main priorities, if elected, would be to aid the legislation committee in creating an archive of important documents that can be helpful when the need arises to address any new or existing laws affecting our profession, and aiding the conference committee in recruiting speakers for upcoming conferences. In addition to TAJIT, she is currently an active member of HITA, TAHIT, and NAJIT, where she chairs the NAJIT Bench and Bar Committee.

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